Canary Breeding Cages – How To Build Them?

Canary Breeding CagesBuilding canary breeding cages can be a much less expensive option than purchasing these cages already built and ready to use. This is especially true if you are serious about breeding on a larger basis, and it is not that difficult to build them even if you are not a skilled carpenter or handyman. Many canary bird breeders have constructed their own cages for this purpose rather than spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars instead. You will need some sheets of plywood, and the exact quantity of each material type will depend on the size and number of canary breeding cages you want to get as a result.

If you plan on breeding canary birds for sale and want to build your own cages you will also need cage fronts and cage trays, one of each for each cage created. Wood glue is used to hold the pieces together in addition to screws, and metal strips and some non toxic paint will finish off the construction of the canary breeding cages. Next you will need food and water dishes for each cage, and the dowels are placed in the cage to create perches for the canaries to stand on. The entire project may only take a few hours from start to finish, and you can even add embellishments and decorations for decorative bird cages instead of simple breeding boxes.

There are many resources available online that show how to construct canary breeding cages from scratch. You will find blueprints, diagrams, materials and tools lists, and everything else needed to assist you in this project. Breeding these birds can be very rewarding, and does not have to be expensive or extremely difficult. Whether you want to breed the red factor canary species, one of the song species, or another canary type you do not have to spend a fortune on the breeding equipment and cages needed when you build it yourself.