Cat Aggression Towards Other Cats – How To Deal With It?

Cat Aggression Towards Other CatsWhen there is cat aggression towards people, there is always a sense that it can be handled. We’re bigger than they are, we’re more resilient to aggressive cat behavior like the occasional scratch or bite from a cat than from an attack from a dog, and ultimately we know we have the cat’s best interest at heart—our sympathy will win out eventually. However, when there is cat aggression towards other cats, it is more distressing. How can we stop cats from harming each other when punishment or words just don’t work?

Cat aggression towards other cats can be caused by several different factors, and it is important to note which kind in order to best cope with it. For one, not every bit of what looks like aggression is cat behavior problems. Sometimes cats in a home may need to decide who the top cat is, and so long as it is not seriously violent it should be allowed.

Then, what if it is too violent? In fights over territory, unfortunately one of the cats may have to be removed. However, there is a good way to calm cat aggression towards other cats, and most of what it requires is patience.

If cats that usually get along start fighting, or if introducing new cats to existing cats, it is best to keep the cats separated at first. Using the example of a new cat, keep the new addition in a separate room for several days. Get the new cat used to this room, and allow the original cat to become curious about the door the new cat is behind.

After several days, switch the cats. Let the cats become used to the other’s smell without their actual presence. Allow a crack in the door to be open (open enough to see and smell, but not enough for the cats to reach each other) and supervise perhaps a meal or toy playtime near the crack in the door. The cats may associate “good food” or “fun” with the other cats.

Finally, supervise a meeting (or reintroductions in the case of older cats who grew aggressive towards each other) between the new cat and original cat or cats. Hopefully, there will be no cat aggression towards other cats, but if there is, simply start the process over. Again, all it takes is time, and patience.