Dog Car Seats Review

Dog Car SeatsYou love to take your dog everywhere you go and can’t imagine a road trip without Fido sticking his head out the window, face in the wind. So what’s all this talk about dog car seats? These days, it seems that there is no length dog owners won’t go to in the name of protecting, caring for, and pampering their furry friends. That means that more and more dogs are buckling up for safety. Don’t believe it? Search the internet for a dog car booster seat and the options will abound. How far are you willing to go to ensure your dog’s automobile safety? And is it even necessary? Read this review and get the lowdown on dog car seats before making a decision about this new fad.

If the idea of strapping your dog up for a joyride sounds a bit ridiculous to you, you’re not alone. Many people envision infant carriers with complex, five-star buckle systems when they think of car seats. You may be pleased to find out that dog car seats are nothing like that sort. As a matter of fact, they are more about comfort than anything else. Mostly made of a soft but firm foam material, these travel seats are more like raised dog beds and do not require a special dog car seat belt, but are simply held in place by your car’s standard seat belt. If you have an extremely large breed that is clearly oversized for a doggy booster seat, there are many stylish and comfortable dog car seat covers to make the ride a little more comfy. What’s more is they make keeping your car clean and dog-hair free a much easier task.

Dog car seats come in all sizes, to suit all breeds. Now your little teacup Chihuahua may actually be able to take in the scenery on an afternoon drive from its specially-sized small dog car seat. When asking yourself if you really need to purchase a dog car seat, think of it as a matter of added comfort and enjoyment for your dog and ask yourself, “Why not?”