Feline Asthma Treatment Options

Feline Asthma TreatmentFeline asthma treatment is a condition similar to asthma in people, with many of the same triggers and symptoms. Treating asthma in cats does offer a number of choices though, and each cat is different and may respond to different approaches. Asthma can be the answer to “my cat is sneezing, why?”, and can cause a life threatening problem for some felines. The symptoms of asthma will need to be treated during an attack, as well as treatment for the inflammation that causes your cat to have difficulty breathing. Feline asthma treatment should include avoiding the common triggers that can cause an asthma attack, like smoke, dust, mold, mildew, pollen, and even household cleaners.

Asthma can cause many cat illness symptoms, such as rapid breathing, sneezing, coughing, and respiratory distress. One feline asthma treatment option is daily doses of a steroid medication, typically prednisone, and this helps relieve the inflammation and allows your cat’s lungs to function properly. This treatment is for maintenance, and is not intended to stop an asthma attack in your cat once it becomes severe. A feline asthma inhaler may also be prescribed by your vet if your cat has an acute attack, and this inhaler will start working immediately to relax the lungs and help your cat breath properly again.

Feline asthma treatment will usually include a bronchodilator component, and this drug helps to dilate the bronchi in the lungs so the airways open up and your cat can breath normally. Inflammation of the airways is what causes the difficulty breathing for your cat, and in severe cases feline asthma symptoms
can cause death if not treated immediately. If your cat has been diagnosed with asthma discuss any questions and concerns you have with your vet, so that you are aware of all the treatment options that you have. This will help you make the best treatment decision for your pet.