Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Review

Squirrel Proof Bird FeedersSquirrel proof bird feeders are a must for anyone who feeds and enjoys watching wild birds, because the squirrels will frequently scare away the birds and steal the food for themselves instead. Not only is this an annoyance but it can become expensive due to the fact that squirrels eat much more than wild birds usually do. You can go online or use a catalog and order squirrel proof bird feeder plans, so that you can build your own for a much lower cost. Another option is to purchase squirrel proof bird feeders that are already assembled, so all you have to do is install them and fill them.

Bird seed feeders which are squirrel proof are found in three different varieties and types. The most effective type involves the use of a motor, and the feeder actually ejects squirrels who try to hang on and get the bird seed out of the feeder. This type of squirrel proof bird feeders spins around quickly, and this makes it impossible for the squirrel to stay on the feeder at all. The only drawbacks with this type is that eventually you will need to replace the batteries or repair the motor, and this type can be the most expensive to purchase. Hummingbird feeders usually do not normally need to be squirrel proof because they contain nectar or syrup instead of seeds, fruits, and nuts, so squirrels rarely pay attention to them.

Another type of available squirrel proof bird feeders uses a mechanism that is weight activated to release a cage, which prevents the squirrel from reaching the food at all. The third type involves the use of a baffle. This prevents a squirrel from gripping the goldfinch feeders or other feeder types, so that the squirrel slides off without stealing any food from the birds. Both baffle and weight activated feeders may be effective in many cases, but they will not work as well as the type which causes the squirrel to be harmlessly ejected. There are many quality feeders of each type available to choose from, depending on your preferences and situation.