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Aquarium Coral Reef Care Tips

Aquarium Coral ReefAn aquarium coral reef tank can add a lot to any location it is placed, but these tanks do require special care and more maintenance then either freshwater or saltwater fish only options. You can find coral starter kits almost anywhere that saltwater aquarium supplies are sold, and this is considered a better choice than buying coral from a store. You must keep a close eye on all of the tank conditions, including lighting, temperature, salinity percentage, and pH level for coral to thrive and stay beautiful.

Gourami Fish Care

Gourami FishGourami fish can be a fantastic addition to any aquarium, but how should you care for these fish? There are more than a dozen common varieties of Gourami that you can find in pet shops, and each may have certain requirements. In general these fish are very hardy, get along well with others, and are fairly easy to care for. They are freshwater aquarium fish that can be seen in many different color and marking designs, and are delightful to watch.

Types of Oscar Fish Review

Types of Oscar FishDemand for the Oscar fish has grown in recent years because of their attentive natures and adaptability to captivity. Some types of Oscar fish even respond to training, and can be taught to enjoy petting or how to roll over. They do require larger tanks and heavier duty aquarium filters, as Oscar fish can increase in size as they grow to reach a full foot in length.

Oscar fish display distinctive behavior that at times mimics the dog by the way they shake their head and tail, hence the nickname “The Water Dog”. The fish owners believe that Oscar fish can recognize them by swimming closer to the fish tank’s wall and “greeting” them. Some owners are proud to be able to hand feed their beloved Oscars.

Discus Fish Diseases Symptoms and Treatment

Discus Fish DiseasesThere are a number of Discus fish diseases which can affect your aquarium, and some of these diseases can have an impact on other types of fish in the tank as well. It is important that anyone who owns these tropical fish understand all about the proper Discus fish care, to prevent stress and diseases and keep the fish healthy.

Aquarium Rocks and Caves Review

Aquarium RocksOne important element of any aquarium is the aquarium rocks and caves that are used and included in the underwater landscape. Caves offer your fish hiding places, and reduce the stress they experience. Both saltwater and freshwater fish will require caves and rocks, and you should also include some plants, and even acrylic aquarium decorations as well.

Aquarium Rocks and Caves – How To Create Aquarium Rockscapes?

Aquarium RocksOne important part of freshwater or saltwater aquarium supplies is rocks. Rocks make a great aesthetic addition to any take. Moreover, they add structure to your tank which fish love. Aquarium rocks can be just about any rock you can find. When you do find the rocks you want, however, be sure to thoroughly clean them with soap and water before they go into the tank. You don’t want to introduce anything harmful to the tank that may be on natural rocks.

Top 10 Saltwater Aquarium Supplies Owners Should Have

Saltwater Aquarium SuppliesSaltwater aquariums are far more difficult to maintain than their freshwater counterparts. Aquarium filters for saltwater are more complicated and require better filtration while leaving in dissolved salts and some minerals. Saltwater fish are also more susceptible to water temperature and composition requiring more monitoring devices and conditioning solutions than less complicated tropical fish tanks. If you’re just getting started, here is a list of the top 10 most important saltwater aquarium supplies.

Top 10 Aquarium Filters

Aquarium FiltersOne of the most important features of any tank is the aquarium filters and filtration system. These come in a number of forms, each form with specific uses. If you have a large aquarium of 100 or more gallons, there are only two choices that could be considered practical. For smaller tanks, around 10 to 15 gallons, there is only one practical choice. However, if you have a medium sized tank, between 40 and 100 gallons, you’ll need to choose between all the aquarium filters available. Here is a list of the top 10 filter types and their uses.