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Top 10 Cat Behavior Problems Owners Should Know

Cat Behavior ProblemsEven owners of many cats for many may come across behaviors that are unfamiliar or worrisome. Many cats are different, and react to stimuli in different ways. When dealing with what looks like cat behavior problems, try to understand the reasoning behind the behavior, and how best to handle or alter the behavior. Punishment rarely works for cats, so keep this in mind.

Below are the Top 10 Cat Behavior Problems owners should know, and the best ways how to handle each.

Cat Aggression Towards Other Cats – How To Deal With It?

Cat Aggression Towards Other CatsWhen there is cat aggression towards people, there is always a sense that it can be handled. We’re bigger than they are, we’re more resilient to aggressive cat behavior like the occasional scratch or bite from a cat than from an attack from a dog, and ultimately we know we have the cat’s best interest at heart—our sympathy will win out eventually. However, when there is cat aggression towards other cats, it is more distressing. How can we stop cats from harming each other when punishment or words just don’t work?

Top 10 Bengal Cat Breeders

Bengal Cat BreedersBengal cat breeders have created a cross between domestic cats and small Asian Leopard cats. Bengal cats are medium to large in size. Once the two breeds of cats have successfully cross bred, Bengal cat breeders started crossing the Bengal cats with one another. Four or five generations later, these cats are eligible for competition. The breed is recognized by worldwide cat associations. Bengal cats are known for their exotic markings. Savannah cats are the result of a cross between a domestic cat (Siamese) and a large eared, medium sized wild African cat known as a serval. The first cat that was a result of this breeding was named Savannah, hence the name of the entire breed.

Cat Aggression Towards People Review

Cat Aggression Towards PeopleCat aggression towards people, especially their owner, can be very upsetting. Understanding the source of cat aggression towards people is the first step in changing the cat’s behavior. Early intervention is important. If your cat is young, it may be exhibiting play aggression. As kittens get older they learn to modify their play. A cat who shows aggression when confronted with a stranger is displaying fear aggression.