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Dog Flea Control Comparison

Dog Flea ControlThere are a number of dog flea control products on the market. The one spot flea products that you apply to the dog’s skin monthly have become very popular. Some, but not all, of these products also kill ticks which can cause Lyme disease and repel mosquitoes that can carry West Nile virus and heartworms. If you are choosing this method of dog flea control, be sure to read the label. There is also an oral dog fleas treatment. One type is given monthly and the other is given only once in a dog’s lifetime. Topical and oral dog flea control is more thorough than simply using a flea collar. While dog ear mites can be mistaken for fleas, they are an entirely different bug and different treatment is required.

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy Guide

Dog Ear Infection Home RemedyJust like people, dogs can contract painful ear infections. To help relieve his symptoms you might want to give a dog ear infection home remedy a try.

Know the Symptoms & Causes

Before you try any type of dog ear infection home remedy, you need to be confident that you know what is wrong with your pet.