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Nanday Conure Diet

Nanday Conure DietWhen you see a Nanday Conure parrot for sale, consider the pros and cons carefully. There are many benefits to owning one of these vibrant beauties, but they require a measure of training and upkeep. They are an affectionate breed of pet parrots, which socialize with other birds and humans remarkably well. They learn human speech relatively easily, and are quite intelligent.

The Nanday Conure, however, requires a very large cage for its small size and screeches loudly. An untrained Nanday Conure parrot can be very difficult to control. What many may also not know is that the Nanday Conure diet is poorly supported by commercial seed alone.

Nanday Conure Care

Nanday ConureWhen you make the decision to bring a nanday conure into your home, you do need to take a few steps in preparing for the new arrival. Make sure you know what you are getting into before you open your home to one of these beautiful birds.

The Cage

Whether you get a nanday conure, a jenday conure, or one of the other species, you need to invest in a large cage.