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Types of Oscar Fish Review

Types of Oscar FishDemand for the Oscar fish has grown in recent years because of their attentive natures and adaptability to captivity. Some types of Oscar fish even respond to training, and can be taught to enjoy petting or how to roll over. They do require larger tanks and heavier duty aquarium filters, as Oscar fish can increase in size as they grow to reach a full foot in length.

Oscar fish display distinctive behavior that at times mimics the dog by the way they shake their head and tail, hence the nickname “The Water Dog”. The fish owners believe that Oscar fish can recognize them by swimming closer to the fish tank’s wall and “greeting” them. Some owners are proud to be able to hand feed their beloved Oscars.

Oscar Fish Diseases – Hole in The Head

Oscar Fish DiseasesOut of all the Oscar fish diseases, hole in the head is one of the most serious, and one of the nastiest if this disease progresses. Hole in the head is also referred to as head and lateral line erosion, and this disease causes the fish to lose color and develop pits or craters on the head and along the lateral line of the fish. This disease can affect all types of Oscar fish, as well as other species, and is a chronic disease that can become a big problem if not caught early on. While this is not one of the immediately fatal Oscar fish diseases, it can lead to death if not treated quickly.

Best Oscar Fish Food

Oscar Fish FoodKnowing the best Oscar fish food for this species is essential if you will be keeping Oscars in your tank. These fish have a reputation for recognizing and responding to their owners, which make them a popular species to keep. There are many different types of Oscar fish, and all of them have voracious appetites and can grow quickly. Oscars need a well varied diet, and are similar to humans in the fact that they enjoy different foods each day. Only providing tropical fish food in flake or pellet form is not enough, live food sources are also required each day for a fish which is healthy and content.