Used Western Horse Saddles: Pros and Cons

Horse SaddlesBuying a used western saddle requires a lot of homework by the buyer. Used horse saddles can be bought in person and of course online. A used western saddle can be a good idea or a bad one.

Used western saddles can be a great way to get a good deal and spend less. Western saddles hold their value well and can be maintained easily. Even if the saddle is older it is probably still in good condition and costs less than a new one of the same brand. Used saddles are also broken in, the leather is softer and nicer to sit on. A used saddle does not require you to break it in, a possibly long process. Used horse saddles can sometimes come with a unique story or are from a unique horse. Make sure you ask if there is any special story behind the saddle.

A used western saddle can also come with many problems. If you aren’t very careful in looking over the used saddle you can miss straps or rings that are damaged or broken. These can be very dangerous if they break while riding the horse. Making sure the saddle fits your horse is very important as well. All horse saddles have a specific size assigned to it and most horse breeds fit a certain tree size. The problem with used horse saddles is that the original size assigned might not be the actual size anymore. Stretching of the saddle can create a change in size that can create problems for your horse. Another problem with buying a used saddle is that if you want a matching set of saddle with horse tack, you might have a problem if you don’t buy as a set. Some sellers want to sell their items together but others might only have select items such as a horse bridle.

Looking at horse saddles for sale online is harder task than in person. You only have pictures and the sellers word on what it looks like and the condition it is in. Make sure you get as much information as possible before you buy any used horse saddles.